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  • Continental Army

    Continental Army

    William Woods University Professor Craig Bruce Smith taught a class about the American Revolution and the Continental…

  • The Work of Preserving Emmett Till's Memory

    The Work of Preserving Emmett Till's Memory

    The National Museum of American History hosted a discussion on maintaining the historical legacy of Emmett Till. This program…

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  • The Reconstruction Era

    The Reconstruction Era

    Former Charleston, South Carolina Mayor Joseph Riley and professor Kerry Taylor co-taught a course at The Citadel military college…

  • FDR and Ike Relationship

    FDR and Ike Relationship

    President Franklin Roosevelt elevated Dwight Eisenhower to lead the D-Day invasion, and the victorious World War II…

  • FDR and the Supreme Court

    FDR and the Supreme Court

    President Franklin Roosevelt appointed eight U.S. Supreme Court justices, shaping the course of the Court and the…

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